The leading company in Cannabis production in Uruguay

Uruguay can is the smartest bet on Cannabis in South America. It is a vertically integrated project, from genetics to final products.

UruguayCan combines the experience in recreational, medicinal and cannabis cannabis developments in already established projects with a consolidated agronomic team in the first country in the world to legalize production, with the aim of exporting an ever wider portfolio of products to the whole world.


Develop products based on Cannabis capable of fully satisfying the needs of customers around the world. Make Uruguay the export platform for cannabis and derivatives of South America.


A leading company in the development of products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry based on the highest standards of technology and knowledge of a millenary crop, which transforms Uruguay and the world through high-tech production.


The legalization of Cannabis in Uruguay has put the country at the center of world attention. Our task is assumed with maximum responsibility since it is the first large-scale experience of agriculture for medicinal use.

Uruguay Cann has the most experienced team in Uruguay in the production and processing of Cannabis in the country.

Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis has been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years in India and China. Its medicinal properties derive from its cannabinoid content.

Among them Cannabidiol (CBD) is the one that has a more active market since it does not have a relevant psychoactivity and its use in several diseases such as epilepsy is clearly demonstrated.

Although Thc is potentially psychoactive, it is also widely used for medicinal purposes. Other cannabinoids have important properties and as freedom allows more research is advancing in the development of different medicines for various ailments.


A central aspect for Uruguay Cann is to be cutting-edge in extraction methods, applied innovations that will result in a number of products ranging from medicines to cosmetics, in different presentations.

For Uruguay our developments mean the construction of a platform of products that can be exported to the whole world.


The elaboration of medicinal Cannabis requires audited processes at both agricultural and industrial levels. Cannabis Uruguay production processes point to certifications that allow its entry into the most demanding markets in the world.


After the harvest begins a good management define the quality of the product. The drying is done in strictly controlled environments that guarantee that the quality of the final product is optimal.


Uruguay Cann understands that the medicinal Cannabis business must have an ethical component of high importance. That is why we have already agreed to donate medicinal cannabis to health institutions in Argentina.

We bet to offer our products to the Uruguayans, but while we bet to export to the most demanding markets, what will be a practical demonstration of the quality of what we do.


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